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Praise for Ava Lee

  • “Ian Hamilton makes the global search for hidden money as thrilling as James Bond fleeing down a snowy slope on one ski. Ava Lee is tough, fearless, quirky, and resourceful, and she has more – well, you know – than half a dozen male detectives I can think of. Ian Hamilton knows his stuff, and he has created a true original in Ava Lee.”
    - Linwood Barclay, author of No Time for Goodbye
    “This is a terrific story that’s certain to be on the Arthur Ellis Best First Novel list this year. Even better news is that the next three novels in the series are already written and ready to print. Ava Lee is going to be chasing the accounts for a long, long time.”
    - Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail
    “Ava is unbeatable at just about everything. Just wait for her to roll out her bak mei against the bad guys. She’s perfect. She’s fast.”
    - Toronto Star
  • "This is slick, fast-moving escapism reminiscent of Ian Fleming, with more to come in what shapes us a a high-energy, high concept series."
    - Booklist
    “Hamilton makes each page crackle with the kind of energy that could easily jump to the movie screen....This riveting read will keep you up late at night. It may also make you look twice from now on at any woman wearing pointy shoes.”
    - Rachel Kramer Bussel, Penthouse
    “High-end travel, cuisine, and product placement add glitz, while Ava's circle of mostly offstage friends and family lend enough personal depth to lift this thriller above solely action-oriented fare.”
    - Publishers Weekly
  • "…one of those grip tight novels that makes one read “just one more chapter” and you discover it’s 3am.The novel is built on complicated webs artfully woven into clear, magnetic story-telling. Author Ian Hamilton delivers the intrigue within complex and relentless webs in high style and once again proves that everyone, once in their lives, needs an Ava Lee at their backs."
    - Canadian Mystery Reviews
    "…a terrific addition to the Ava Lee canon, a must read"
    - Richard King, CBC Home Run
    "Ava is a wonderful character, smart, resourceful, and not afraid to kick ass, and you, sir, remain a top-drawer storyteller, and I devour each word you write. like countless others, cannot wait to see what happens with Ava next."
    - The Mind Reels

About the Author

Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton is the author of both the Ava Lee series and the Uncle Chow Tung series. With the publication of The Diamond Queen of Singapore in 2020, there will be 14 Ava Lee books in print, and with the publication of Fortune in 2020, three books in the Uncle series. All of the books are available in electronic form in a multiple of platforms, and many of them have now also been converted into audio format.

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