May 17, 2020

New Website Launch and more Ava Lee Updates

Welcome to my new web site. It was time for a revamp, and this goes beyond my expectations. I hope you find it informative, easy to access, and simple to use. And I promise to keep it fresh and updated, including doing a monthly blog.

As I write this in mid-May, we are still beset by the Corona virus. It did not impact on my writing schedule, and if anything I have been even more productive than usual during the last three months. I finished editing The Diamond Queen of Singapore, and it will be released as an e-book on May 26, and in paper in August. I finished writing Fortune - the 3rd book in the Uncle series, and it is now with my editor. And, I began the next Ava Lee - The Timber Sultans of Sarawak - and I’m more than 20,000 words into it.

My plans for the Uncle series have changed. Instead of 3 books, I have decided to write a 4th, and have an idea for a 5th. The Ava books will continue at a one a year clip until I can’t write them anymore.

The virus did me impact negatively in that I had to cancel 12 events that were scheduled in April and May. Instead, I’ve been forced to resort to videos. I did one the the Oakville Public Library, and I’ll be live streaming on May 24 via Facebook for a National Arts Center reading program.

Anyway, thank goodness people are still reading.