The Scottish Banker of Surabaya

The fifth installment in the wildly popular Ava Lee series, The Scottish Banker of Surabaya exposes the dark world of money laundering and the Italian mob.

Ava begins an investigation into what she thinks is a Ponzi scheme. The trail leads her to a bank in Indonesia that is run by a Scot, but in actuality is a front for an elaborate money-laundering operation for Italian mobsters. The relationship between Ava and the Scotsman turns nasty and personal. Meanwhile, Uncle’s health problems become apparent...
Short-listed for The Barry Award for Best Mystery Thriller
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Praise for The Scottish Banker of Surabaya

"Hamilton deepens Ava’s character, and imbues her with greater mettle and emotional fire, to the extent that book five is his best, most memorable, to date."
- National Post
"...increasingly compelling pages of high-value, high-octane Ava Lee adventures."
- London Free Press
"Filled with the usual twists and turns that make detective fiction fun, this one is... irresistible."
- Sun Times
"Those new to [Ava Lee's] world will find the book easily accessible... with their tight plotting and crackerjack heroine, Hamilton’s novels are the sort of crowd-pleasing, narrative-focused fiction we find all too rarely in this country."
- Quill & Quire
"The fifth Ava Lee novel is a winner on all fronts... The pacing is furious yet sneaky: You’re hooked before you realize it. The novel is driven by characterizations, action and multiple settings. Ian Hamilton’s textured voice allows the action to convey the emotional focus and his story-telling puts you at the centre of the conflict. The poignant conclusion adds yet another dimension to this multi-layered story. The series is addictive."
- Hamilton Spectator
"Hamilton knows how to keep the pages turning. He eases us into the seemingly tame world of white-collar crime, then raises the stakes, bringing the action to its peak with an intensity and violence that’s stomach-churning. His Ava Lee is a winner and a welcome addition to the world of strong female avengers."
- NOW Toronto
"Readers will never meet another forensic accountant like Lee... if only jet—setting around the world were as effortless as [she] makes it appear to be."
- Chronicle Herald