The Princeling of Nanjing

Ava is in Shanghai for the launch of the PÖ clothing line. She has invited Xu, and over the course of the glitzy event and a late-night dinner, she detects a certain hesitancy in him. He confides that the Tsai family, headed by Tsai Lian, the governor of Jiangsu Province and a “princeling” — he is the son of a general who was on the Long March with Mao and a member of China’s power elite — is trying to force him and his Triad organization back into the drug business. Xu is already paying millions of dollars a year to various Tsai businesses, but the family wants more and thinks the new venture can deliver it. Xu believes this move would lead to his eventual destruction and feels he has nowhere to turn. If he opposes them, they will crush him. If he goes along with them, he thinks that inevitably the police and military will hunt him down.

Ava sets out to help Xu deter the Tsai family. As she digs into the breadth and depth of the family’s wealth and corruption, she gets caught up in a huge tangled web, extending all the way to the U.S. and the U.K., where it reaches the top echelons of political power.
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Book Reviews

Praise for The Princeling of Nanjing

"…one of those grip tight novels that makes one read “just one more chapter” and you discover it’s 3am.The novel is built on complicated webs artfully woven into clear, magnetic story-telling. Author Ian Hamilton delivers the intrigue within complex and relentless webs in high style and once again proves that everyone, once in their lives, needs an Ava Lee at their backs."
- Canadian Mystery Reviews
"…like the best series writers – Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson come to mind – Hamilton manages to…keep the Ava Lee books fresh…a compulsive read, a page-turner of the old school…The Princeling of Nanjing is a welcome return of an old favourite, and bodes well for future books."
- Quill and Quire
“Hamilton uses his people and plot to examine Chinese class and power structures that open opportunities for massive depravities and corruptions”
- London Free Press
"The reader is offered plenty of Ava in full flower as the Chinese-Canadian glamour puss who happens to be gay, whip smart and unafraid of whatever dangers come her way."
- Toronto Star
"Ava Lee has a new business, a new look, and, most important, a new Triad boss to appreciate her particular financial talents….We know that Ava will come up with a plan and Hamilton will come up with a twist."
- The Globe and Mail
"As usual with a Hamilton-Lee novel, matters take a decided twist as the plot unrolls "
- Owen Sound, Sun Times
"…a terrific addition to the Ava Lee canon, a must read"
- Richard King, CBC Home Run
"Ava is a wonderful character, smart, resourceful, and not afraid to kick ass, and you, sir, remain a top-drawer storyteller, and I devour each word you write. like countless others, cannot wait to see what happens with Ava next."
- The Mind Reels
"[an] exotic thriller that also offers a fascinating inside look at fiscal misconduct in China...Hamilton’s heroine is one of a kind. Ava is gay, a diminutive five-foot-three, a ruthless martial-arts adversary, a brilliant forensic accountant and a woman whose own unique moral code sometimes has her operating on the fringes of the law - but only, we would like to believe, in order to deal with the really bad guys…As a unique character, she's become indispensable."
- Calgary Herald