The Mountain Master of Sha Tin

Ava is in Shanghai with Pang Fai to visit her ailing friend Xu when a triad war breaks out in Hong Kong. Sammy Wing, an old enemy of Ava’s who has twice tried to kill her, has enlisted the aid of his nephew Carter — the new Mountain Master of Sha Tin — to reclaim control of his old territory, Wanchai, from Xu’s men.

There is nothing subtle about the Wings’ methods. Xu’s most trusted enforcer, Lop, has been shot, and six of his street soldiers kidnapped. The Wings threaten to execute them unless Xu’s men vacate Wanchai immediately. Ava steps in to broker a settlement, and the Wings respond by sending her a box containing six fingers — and a twelve-hour deadline.

As the violence and tension mount, Ava is driven to the edge, and she is forced to devise a plan that will bring her face-to-face with Sammy and Carter Wing. The only question left unanswered is who will pull the trigger first?
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Praise for The Mountain Master of Sha Tin

“Whether it’s the triad plot lines or the elegant detective skills of Lee, Ian Hamilton has managed to maintain a freshness to his stories. The Mountain Master of Sha Tin is as slick and smart as The Water Rat of Wanchai, the first Ava Lee novel . . . This is one of Canada’s best series by one of our best writers.”
- Globe and Mail
- London Free Press
“Hamilton’s punchy, fast-paced style has woven a tapestry in over a dozen novels that have introduced us to a variety of characters . . . This novel, like the previous tales, rockets along.”
- The Mind Reels
“Hamilton provides a fascinating peek into a disturbingly glamorous world.”
- Publishers Weekly
“Another action-packed entry in a solid series.”
- Booklist
" I loved how fast paced and action packed this book was, and I felt that those scenes were balanced nicely with small heartwarming moments between Ava and those close to her. There were also many new subplots that cropped up in The Mountain Master of Sha Tin that I’m excited to see come about in the future books."
- Words of Mystery