The King of Shanghai

The seventh novel in the Ava Lee series finds Ava getting caught up in the election for the chairmanship of the Triad Societies.

Ava steps into her new business with May Ling Wong and her sister-in-law, Amanda. On a trip to Shanghai, Ava meets with Xu, a young man Uncle had been mentoring and who is also the head of the Triad in Shanghai. Xu makes an audacious business proposal that she and May are compelled to consider. Meanwhile, separately and privately, he confides to Ava that he intends to run for the chairmanship of the Triad Societies and attempts to recruit her as his adviser and confidante.

Against her will, Ava becomes enmeshed in Triad warfare and her future is threatened . . .
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Praise for The King of Shanghai

"The seventh nail-biter in the Ava Lee thriller series takes us from the world of high-stakes global investment to an even higher-stakes Triad turf war. Ian Hamilton puts his formidable heroine through the wringer as she deals with the death of her beloved mentor, Uncle, and ventures into new—and dangerous—territory. The King of Shanghai is rich with the lavish backdrops, shady dealings, and tight suspense that fans of the series will recognise and newcomers are bound to appreciate. We continue to be in awe of Ava, a sharp, stylish Chinese-Canadian lesbian with a feisty, inventive, and occasionally ruthless approach to life."
- Apple Books Review
"Ever since his dazzling surprise debut with The Water Rat of Wanchai, Hamilton has propelled Ava along through the series with expanded storytelling and nuanced character development: there s always something new to discover about Ava. Fast-paced suspense, exotic locales, and a rich cast of characters (some, like Ava s driver, Sonny, are both dangerous and lovable) make for yet another hugely entertaining hit."
- Publishers Weekly
"The only thing scarier than being ripped off for a few million bucks is being the guy who took it and having Ava Lee on your tail. If Hamilton’s kick-ass forensic accountant has your number, it’s up."
- Linwood Barclay, author of No Time for Goodbye
"A solid addition to the Ava Lee series…Ava is as powerful and brilliant as ever."
- Literary Treats
"This is Ava Lee back to her best."
- Canmore book blog
"After six novels starring Chinese-Canadian Ava Lee and her perilously thrilling exploits, best-selling Canadian author Ian Hamilton has jolted his creation out of what wasn’t even yet a rut and hurled her abruptly into a new circumstance, with fresh ambitions."
- Joan Barfoot, London Free Press
"One of Ian Hamilton’s best"
- Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail
"It's a measure of Hamilton's quality as a thriller writer that he compels your attention even before he starts ratcheting up the suspense."
- Jamie Portman, Postmedia News Network
"Ian Hamilton has done it again. This is another great chapter in the series with a thriller aspect that will keep you turning the pages."
- Al Hawadeth