The Goddess of Yantai

Ava travels to Beijing for the premiere of her secret lover Pang Fai’s latest film, Mao’s Daughter. After the screening, a distraught Fai tells Ava that she is being blackmailed by senior officials of the China Movie Syndicate. The Syndicate seeks sexual favours in return for their continued support of Fai’s career and films. When Fai resists, the threats become increasingly violent and far-reaching, including the release of scandalous videos of the young Fai that could end her career entirely.

Working alongside Fai and several of her friends, Ava delves deep into the seedy world of the Chinese film industry in an attempt to liberate her lover from the grasp of the Syndicate. But can Ava save Fai from her memories?
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Praise for The Goddess of Yantai

“Told in his typical punchy and forthright style, Hamilton’s latest thriller is a rapid-fire read that leaves the reader breathless and eagerly anticipating the next installment . . . This is a series of books that just seems to get better and better.”
- The Mind Reels
“I wanted to just rip through this book . . . If you love great writing, an intense pace, and a bit of a thrill, then [the Ava Lee novels] are perfect for you.”
- Reading on the Run
“Ava at her most intimate and vulnerable.”
- Toronto Star
“This time, [Ava’s] crusade is personal, and so is her outrage.”
- London Free Press
“In The Goddess of Yantai . . . Ava’s personal and professional lives collide in a manner that shakes the usually unflappable character.”
- Quill & Quire
“Action packed and thrilling.”
- Words of Mystery