The Diamond Queen of Singapore

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In the latest thrilling novel in the Ava Lee series, Ava investigates a Ponzi scheme that takes her from Amsterdam to Antwerp and then Singapore, where she must confront one of the country’s most powerful families.

After the father of Ava’s best friend, Mimi, loses his family’s savings in a Ponzi scheme, Mimi turns to her old friend for help. Ava launches an investigation that sends her from Amsterdam to Antwerp and then to Singapore.

As she tracks the money, Ava is reminded of an old case she worked with Uncle years before that took her to Singapore for the first time. In her mind, the two cases begin to merge, and as they do, Uncle becomes visible to Ava, counselling her and urging her to make use of her new triad connections. Ava is reluctant to do so, but Uncle is persistent, and soon Ava finds herself in conflict with one of the most influential family dynasties in Singapore and eventually back in Toronto, where she confronts a new face of power and corruption.
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