November 19, 2013

Ava Lee ebook: The Dragon Head of Hong Kong - Part I

One of the joys of writing the Ava Lee series is visiting with old friends. There are more than fifteen recurring characters across the span of the books, and in The Dragon Head of Hong Kong six of them make their first appearance.

Given Ava's age and her lack of experience, her relationships with the six are different than what they will become over the next ten years, but as they meet and then interact with her, you can see glimpses of the formidable woman she'll become, and you have a sense of why she is able to generate such a sense of trust and loyalty in others.

One part of Ava's personality I find particularly appealing is her ability to see and accept other people for what they are. Despite a relatively privileged upbringing, she is no snob. This trait has been passed along from Jennie Lee, who believes that everyone's work and status in life is worthy of respect. Ava's success in her career is partially rooted in her ability to get people to communicate with her, and their willingness to do that, I think, is a response to the sincerity she displays towards them.

In The Dragon Head of Hong Kong, working in a strange country, and in circumstances completely foreign to her, Ava is forced to resort to her own wiles and the life lessons of Jennie Lee in order to succeed. Will they be enough?

— Ian Hamilton